Scholastic Literacy Pro

Dear Parents, 
Welcome to Scholastic Literacy Pro! This is a new reading program that has taken off to a flying start with Grades 1 to 4. Please help your child get onto the site ( to practice reading the assigned stories everyday.  Scholastic Literacy Pro is designed to  support your child's reading fluency, pronunciation, comprehension skills and motivate them to become curious readers. 
We want you to feel confident using this product at home with your child so we've included some useful parent guides, videos and helpful links to help you get started. This is a fantastic new reading tool for your children and we would appreciate your support, by  helping them use the program at home, to improve their reading. 


What is Scholastic Pro and how can it help my child? 
If you're not familiar with the product (or would like a refresher!), click on the image below to watch a quick introductory video.  
Video on Scholastic Pro - 
We hope that you enjoy using Scholastic Literacy Pro with your children, and that you found the above information helpful to get started using the product at home. Happy Reading!! 


Please click here to view Scholastic Literacy Pro Library - Parent Guide

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Reading Guide for Parents

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