LIS Green Project

Given the remarkable success achieved by Liwa International School in the World Future Energy Summit 2010, and as a confirmation of the school’s active role in the sustainable schools project initiated by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, grade 12 students were determined (through the SGB Model they had designed for the Summit) to be proactive in saving water and energy as prerogatives to preserving the environment. Hence, during academic year 2009-2010, the School administration put together a sustainability plan. Implementation was in effect as of the end of the academic year. This is how Liwa International School became the first green and environment-friendly school in the UAE.  The school implemented phase one of the project in 2010 and 2011. Plans to implement phase 2 are underway.

The project's goals are congruent with the benefits of Green Walls, Solar Panels, and Water Recycling.


Mechanisms of Implementation:


1.         Concerning the grey water facility:

•        Grey water is collected from hand basins, cafeterias sinks.

•        The amount of grey water collected is about 4160 litres per day

•        The water is treated by using 2 filter systems (purification tanks)

•        The grey is used for irrigation of plants

•      Potable water is also used, as grey water is just used for irrigating the green walls (3000m2), in addition to the old green area (1600 m2).


2.         Concerning the solar power panels

Liwa International School aims to reduce the consumption of electrical energy through the installation of solar panels

•     The daily generated power is about 78 kilowatt hour.

•     This energy is stored into batteries to be used later by the school.

•   The energy collected from this system is currently used for night landscape light and        operating the grey water purification plant.

•        The panels are cleaned every 2 days from dusts (dry cleaning) and washed weekly.