Message from School Principal

Dear parents, staff members, students, and community members

It is a privilege to have you navigate through our website, an experience that will spawns feelings of joy and fulfillment.

Twenty years ago, when Liwa School was still a kernel in need of rigorous care and nourishment, the question was HOW? HOW are we going to establish an institution that will one day become a trade mark in education and services? HOW can we ensure that our academic establishment is there to grow and gain a solid reputation? HOW can we assure that our educational institution is worthy of earning and retaining the entrenched trust of stakeholders? And above all, HOW can we make a difference in society?

Year after year, we nurtured the kernel through a sound balance of quality educational programs, state-of-art facilities, superior services, and an open house policy. The kernel was constantly cultivated and grew into a school that has accomplished a great deal over the years. An immense portion of credit in this regard is attributed to you parents, students, staff members, and the community… so thank you.

From day 1 we had a clear vision…We were well aware of our mission, core values, and objectives, both short and long term. From day 1 we moved forward in the direction of realizing our vision…and year after year… as we moved from one achievement to another… as we exceeded expectations in realizing our objectives…as we moved from one challenge to a higher one…as we led our educational establishment out of the box, the question was no longer HOW, but became WHY NOT? WHY NOT be the top choice for parents? WHY NOT be the second home for students? WHY NOT be the right work place for professional teachers and administrators? WHY NOT be a reference for the community? WHY NOT be a local school with a global approach to education and sustainability?

Liwa’s history of accomplishments is in itself the answer to the question WHY NOT. Equally important, our graduates and the rest of Liwa students are an acknowledgement that we have fulfilled our vision. If we are to scan in a flash back what they have accomplished over the course of the past year only as you will witness throughout this yearbook, we will come to realize that Liwa is a proud producer of global citizens instilled with solid moral values, citizens who never missed an opportunity to take part in a national celebration or a community service project or an environmental public speaking contest or a scientific event or an IT-related activity, or cultural event, etc. etc. Our students are leaders in prominent fields, advocates of worthy causes, and above all children of respectful families who have entrusted us with their biggest ever

investment… Dear parents and guardians…it our sincere hope that we have lived up to your expectations.

Congratulations to the LIS graduates. Being graduates of a school that started in a villa with only 60 students and is today the first green school in the UAE graduating about 60 students from grade 12 alone is standing evidence that the impossible does not exist in the minds of individuals whose limit is the sky… This is the approach that Liwa International School wants its children to adopt… To the LIS graduates: Go ahead and repay this great country…Go ahead and make a difference in the world…Why Not?

Thank you