Liwa International School offers:
1. The American Program leading to High School Diploma and SAT I, SAT II, AP preparation and TOEFL examinations.
2. The International Aptitude Placement

In all instances, we offer a balanced combination of well-rounded curriculum, advanced textbooks, state-of-the-Art Information Technology, and interactive teaching approach. Our curriculum is monitored regularly and revised annually. Our textbooks are carefully selected and are in line with the curriculum. Our teaching approach is student-focused and is meant to reveal each student’s potential.

Starting Academic Year 2007-2008, the school has become a College Board Test Centre for SAT and API Exams.  By offering the American syllabi, Liwa caters for the diverse needs and interests of its students and ultimately of the community. Moreover, care is taken to link the curriculum to the local environment while maintaining a broader world vision.

Our approach is one of life-long learning whereby the school is the basis for sound education and social development. Our Junior and Primary students have the right opportunities for basic learning and critical thinking. Our intermediate and secondary students have a wide range of courses and educational experiences that qualify them for the reputable universities of their choices.

Our system is challenging and fully supportive. We have a high-school advisory system that gives each student the chance to choose the courses that best address his/her interests and abilities. Our teachers are available to assist the students at all times. Our policy is to accompany our students from the day they enter our school until the day they join university.