Teaching Staff

One of the main priorities of Liwa International School for the success of the educational process is to ensure that all teaching staff possess a high level of educational competence and ethics, which allow them to perform their duties adequately. To achieve this, the first step is the selective recruitment process followed by the Human Resources Department. In this regard, many factors are considered, e.g.: academic qualifications, the ability to communicate with students and parents, and the ability to deliver information to students in a simple and effective way. The second step is the ability of the teacher to develop him/herself and to upgrade his/her teaching skills through attending training sessions, seeking higher certificates, and coming up with new ways and ideas that would enrich the educational process. The third step is a very important one, and is about the continuous monitoring and follow up of teaching staff in the performance of their work, and the methods and techniques used to motivate them in order to raise their efficiency and morale, and urge them to continue to develop their abilities.

Every year, teachers are welcomed to school through a special program. This includes:

  1. Orientation sessions and training courses that prepare them to join the school.
  2. Each teacher will be provided with a file containing detailed information on staff policies, the processes and procedures related to teaching, and the system followed at the school.
  3. Homeroom teachers will be assigned to assume classroom responsibilities such as receiving students and encouraging the process of acquaintance and cooperation among them over the academic year.

The training process is not restricted to the teaching area, but involves other areas related to the educational process, such as:

  1. Training for all staff members on first aid.
  2.  Preparing all staff members for the ICDL certificate.
  3. Training for all teaching staff on classroom management and special- need care
  4. Training of the Management team in areas that are essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Leadership process.