Health Services

There is a high aid quality of first aid facilities and arrangement for storage and dispensing of   medicines: 

1.On campus, there are two School Doctors (GP) and one registered Nurse who is an experienced Emergency Room nurse.  

2.The doctors hold valid certificates of basic and advanced life support. They are available full time in the school clinics. The registered nurse holds a certificate in advanced life support. 

3.The Doctors and nurse frequently attend workshops and training to upgrade their skills on new emergency procedures/ new policies and regulations of the Ministry of Health or School Health Department. 

4.The school clinics feature a clean and inviting ambience. They have lockable cabinets filled with non-prescription medicines.  The medicines are constantly checked to ensure there is a minimum of a year left on their expiration date. A medicine inventory is conducted tri-annually.  Containers containing other medical supplies are clearly marked and placed on high shelves.  

5.The school clinics are well equipped with all necessary first aid equipment. 

6.The school clinics contain all necessary medication and well stored according to the protocol.    

7.The fridge temperature where medications are stored is monitored every two hours through reading fridge temperature.  

8.The school provides adequate transportation for sick/injured individuals.  It is estimated that it would take 15 minutes to reach the nearest hospital.  One of the doctors or the nurse rides in the same vehicle when injured students/staff need to go to the hospital. Individuals with suspected back or neck injuries are not moved.  More specialized assistance is requested in such cases.

 9.All school staff members undergo orientation and training on first aid either at the beginning of the academic year or later based on an agreement with a specialized organization.

 10.There are several written documents that form an annually updated emergency procedure manual.  Contained within it are written instructions for drills and evacuation maps, safety rules pertaining to school facilities, maintenance and safety records. These documents help disseminate information throughout the school community.

 11.There are procedures in place for students’ health concerns.  New students need to have a medical form completed by the parent, prior to entering school.  This needs to be submitted along with a copy of the child’s vaccination record. Medical records are updated at all grade levels annually.  In-school medical exams are given annually to grade levels 1, 5, and 9 as well as new students. A procedure is in place for students with health problems. This denotes sending a detailed written notice to the concerned student’s teachers and supervisors. Besides the copy kept in the student’s file in the clinic, a copy of the notice is also sent to the safety and security Officer, the reception, and the social worker.