Safety and Security

Safety Regulations

The ultimate responsibility for safety & health in the School lies with the School Board and School Management team.  Successful management of safety and health can only be effectively achieved when the participation of staff at all levels in the school is built into all its processes for identifying and controlling risk.

For routine safety and health matters the line of responsibility follows the normal managerial lines in the School. The following organization chart shows relation of staff in maintaining effective safety and health procedures throughout the school.

 While Fire Evacuation maps are displayed in all areas throughout the school campus, specific Safety Regulations pertaining to school facilities are displayed in the following areas, detailing precautionary measures as well as instructions to be followed in case of an accident:-

  • Science Laboratories
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Libraries
  • Buses

Health, Safety and Security Manual

The school’s “Health, Safety and Security Manual” provides all details related to Health, Safety, and Security rules and regulations followed on campus. 

System of Processes for Safety

The System of Processes for Safety involves the following:

• Fire-drill.

• Preventive measures related to students’ accidents.

• Safety Measures: this process raises awareness among members of staff and involves them in issues such as health and safety.

Safety and Security Measures During the pickup and drop off times:

  • The School reserves the right to permit or deny entry access to any persons other than the staff, students, and parents. The following directives pertaining to the cultural codes are also in place:

         - Female students of Gr 5 and above must use the entrance and exit for Girls only.

         - No male members are allowed to access the school using the girls’ entrance.

         - All entrances/gates are manned during the opening and closing time of school. 

  • During school hours, the main entrance is accessible for visitors – also manned by a watchman
  • During special events / functions, arrangements are made to control access to and within the premises of the school. Special security measures are taken to ensure the wellbeing of all participants. 
  • Request to use school premises – a written / verbal request is made by the outside party who wishes to use the school premises for presentation / function. The request must be approved by the management, and all concerned persons must be informed.
  • Guards communicate with students and drivers or parents collecting their children.
  • If students were not present at pick up time, the car that they would ride in has to keep moving and not block the road.
  • The guards know students, parents, and drivers by name and/or car’s license plate
  • Special parking places are available for visitors, parents, and cars picking up students.

Please click on the link below to view our school's Occupational Safety and Health policy:

Occupational Safety and Health policy