Counseling And Development

  • The school has developed a Counseling & Development Program that supports teaching and learning by ensuring that all students achieve academic success and develop life skills through the acquisition of academic, career, and personal/social competencies, which will prepare them for university/college level study, and eventually for meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world. Moreover, the school provides seminars and trips to career fairs and universities to acquaint students with career opportunities so that they can make a good choice of the type of higher education they choose to pursue.
  • As the number of students increased steadily over the past five years, the school has assigned five counsellors, namely three School Deputies (School Deputy for Academics, School Deputy for Student Affairs and School Deputy for the Junior School), and three Social Workers in order to provide comprehensive school counselling programs that incorporate prevention and intervention activities through school-wide assemblies and activities, classroom guidance lessons, intentional guidance groups, individual counselling, and collaboration with outside community resources. These counsellors also assist students in ensuring they meet high school graduation requirements.(Refer to School Deputy Log).
  • A vital goal in the performance of our duties is to provide the highest quality assistance, counselling, and direction to our students. Therefore, we upgraded our website to provide answers for students, parents, and anyone with questions about helping young people strive for and achieve their highest goals and aspirations.
  • Liwa International School has developed a system of processes to communicate the policies and strategies related to guidance and resources services to meet student needs. Proper access to such information is ensured through different means.

The Role of Teachers in promoting Care and Guidance:

(a) Promote the personal, social, academic and career development of students through implementing the Personal growth education and related guidance activities.

(b) Enhance learning abilities of students through promoting various study strategies and activities.

(c) Give advice on the areas of personal, social, academic and career development of students through participation in cross-curricular planning.